About us

Founded in 2016, WYNG43 is a purpose-driven organisation which provides financial investments, thought leadership and social capital to social innovators. We help these social innovators, mostly start-ups, develop their scalable and sustainable solutions to address social and environmental challenges in Hong Kong.

WYNG43 believes that Hong Kong has the potential to become a more socially cohesive, equitable, resilient and culturally diverse city. We are determined to unleash these potentials by equipping and enabling social innovators on their journeys to be successful impact ventures.

We hope to bring together a group of individuals with unique background and experiences, and are determined to make a difference.


Our Values

  1. Be ethical.

We are honest, open, ethical, and fair in how we treat each other and our stakeholders.

  1. Be empathetic.

We listen to entrepreneurs, stakeholders and the communities that we serve to understand their needs and challenges. Our goal is to create a more cohesive, equitable and resilient society and improve the general well-being of our communities.

  1. Be collaborative.

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of many parts. Our role is to connect, support and enable others to achieve more than what we can all do individually. We believe that shared access to knowledge, technology, and data promotes collaboration, innovation, productivity and the greater good of the communities we serve.

  1. Be courageous.

We challenge the status quo and take calculated risks as we experiment new methods and ideas. We go out of our comfort zone to capture new opportunities and explore creative solutions.

  1. Be focused.

We concentrate on areas which bode well with our domain expertise and experience. While we are open-minded and adaptive, we do not get distracted by trends and activities that do not align with our core values and missions.

  1. Be relevant.

We are interested in solutions that are relevance to the present and future business, social and cultural environment of Hong Kong.


Our Approach

WYNG43 is in the business of incubating socially impactful start-ups. We recognise that starting a business, especially one with a social purpose, can be a daunting experience. But we also believe that it is entirely possible to do social good while making profit. Our collaboration with the portfolio companies extends from the provision of financial resources to offering various types of professional advisory.  We help social innovators build a robust governance framework and work with them to develop, validate and execute their business strategy. We also connect these companies with the right network in Hong Kong and make business referrals to facilitate growth of their business. Our level of involvement and financial investment depends on the practical needs of individual companies and the life stage of their development.

We are especially interested in companies that possess the following attributes:

  1. Sustainable Impact

The early stage purpose-driven company must have identified social or environmental challenges in Hong Kong and built a business model to deliver long term, innovative and practical solutions to address them. The business should have track record or potential to create revenue streams, so it is not dependent on grants or sponsorships.

  1. Evidence-based Solution

The solutions created are backed by sound user-centric research and analysis of data to ensure product/service-market fit and relevance to the present and future environment of Hong Kong.

  1. Application of Technology

It is highly desirable that the social innovator proactively seeks the use of technology to scale its businesses, promote products and services, and measure its impact.

  1. Collaboration

The entrepreneur and leadership team are committed to work with us closely and to invest in building or supporting the social innovation network.   They are open to sharing their knowledge and resources with others to create a “multiplier effect” of their innovation.


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